The journey of crafting an exclusive jewelry

A custom jewelry is the realization of your personal dreams, which you can share with our team, even if your idea seems the craziest and impossible thing to do

    The Mozi Jewelry team works on the basis of personolized approach for each client. Our managers will guide you through all the nuances of jewelry and help you decide on the design, metal and gemstones. We collaborate with top artists and 3D modelers. Our team of highly skilled jewelers at Mozi J production will oversee the entire process of creating your own jewelry

    1. Idea.

    How you can make a custom:

    1. Idea. You are involved in the development of your future product. The process of creating a custom decoration begins with an idea. It can be a text, a photo or a picture, which in the future will grow into a unique concept of your future jewelry

    2. Sketches development.

    2. Sketches development. Based on your idea professional artists are creating and working on sketches of the future jewelry. The team of specialists makes edits taking into account the peculiarities of the manufacturing technology

    3. Creating a 3D model.

    3. Creating a 3D model. In the 3D modeling department, an accurate visualization of the future product is designed according to your sketch. According to your request, we select: shape, metal, various inserts and precious stones. At this stage according to renders, you can make revisions and approve the final appearance of the piece

    4. The production process.

    4. The production process. At the production stage, each piece undergoes several stages of the jewelry cycle: mounting, setting of gemstones and various inserts, polishing, and jewelry coating. Every item goes through inspection by our technical control department, ensuring the high quality of our products. All our jewelers work manually at every stage of production, bringing in their professional expertise. As a result, you receive a unique piece of jewelry crafted collaboratively with our team

    By choosing Mozi J, you immerse yourself in the world of jewelry art, embracing our culture and becoming an integral part of it.

    By choosing Mozi J, you immerse yourself in the world of jewelry art, embracing our culture and becoming an integral part of it. You opt to wear our brand's jewelry to showcase your uniqueness, express inner freedom, and enhance your identity. Thanks to you, we push boundaries and strive for improvement every day

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